Sunday, February 25, 2007

Why am I such a night owl?

So it never fails. I start the evening with good intentions: in bed by ten or ten-thirty. By the time midnight rolls around I'm wide awake and itching for more to do.

I thought I'd post a picture of my oldest son with needles and yarn in hand. He likes to stab at the ball of yarn and "knit" just like Mom. Awwww...

As promised, I also included a photo of the first part of the late baby gifts. I found an awesome baby bootie pattern in Stitch and Bitch Nation and I actually had the same exact yarn it called for hidden within the depths of my stash! (Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride bulky.. in blueblood red) Even though I haven't blocked these cuties yet, I am still very pleased. Let's hope they fit the baby for whom they are intended.

Next up: part two of the baby gifts - the embroidered onesie that is killing my fingers.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm not sure what went wrong with my photo uploads. I will try it again.

My second attempt at blogdome

I've never been good at keeping journals. During childhood and the teen years, I would start out with good intentions (I almost typed "attentions" - hello Freud?) but all that I have to show for these intentions now is a box full of blank books.

With that having been said, I will begin my blog. Now, I need to warn you: most of what you will see here will be posted while attempting to simultaneously entertain two small but highly mobile boys. My posts may be short, filled with errors, or completely non-existent.

I am just now getting around to documenting the completion of my pink and orange top-down raglan. I used a pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple, but as is usually the case, I made it more difficult by doing the color change in the sleeves. What a PITA it turned out to be. Color changes are very difficult in the round. Was I aware of this before I started? No! Will I attempt it again? Perhaps. Yarn: Cascade 220

I also completed a felted hat from Pick up Sticks. Again, I did not follow the pattern exactly (are you noticing a pattern?). I'm not sure what is up with my gauge, but the thing was huge before felting. You know how you are supposed to check your item every minute or so to see if it is down to the desired size? Lets just say I didn't need to do this for my hat. Two complete cycles later I have a cute two-inch thick (okay... not really that thick) hat. I used Brown Sheep yarn.

My final FO of note is a cabled cardigan made out of the softest, coolest yarn from Di've: Teseo. This yarn is a dream. I whipped this puppy out in about a week and a half. The pattern was from Sweater Wizard (love it!) and I added my own cable pattern on the front panels and along the hood edge. Since my mommy wardrobe consists of several hoodies, this pink number will fit right in.

Up next: completion of an already late baby gift. More on this later.....